speech writing help

Speech writing support for any occasion

Sometimes, when you’re asked to speak at a function, it’s hard to know even where to start.

I can provide speech writing help and feedback in every aspect of the writing, from planning to the finished speech. I’ll tailor my approach to what you need, and work with you until you’ve got a speech you’re proud of.

  • Maybe you’ve got great ideas for your speech, but you can’t work out how to put them all together in the right way.

  • Maybe you can’t decide which of the hundreds of ideas tumbling around in your brain deserve a place in your speech.

  • Maybe you’ve got a basic structure already, with the thoughts you want to express, but you’d like to know how to make the language memorable.

  • Maybe you don’t want to write a good speech – you want to write a great one.

  • Maybe you just don’t know where to start.

From wedding speeches to presenting reports, from a small group to a large crowd, I can help you develop your speech to suit your purpose and your audience.

I won’t write your speech for you – I’ll go one better and help you write it yourself. Your words, your thoughts, your way – I’ll lend the helping hand you need to get those words out of your brain and onto a page in the most effective way.

You’ll end up with a speech that suits the occasion, says what you want it to say; a speech you’re proud of.

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