Business writing coach

"Your company is only as good as your writing." (Karl Weins: Harvard Business Review)

I am a business writing consultant and coach who can help you, your team or your organisation write with clarity and power, in a way that best serves your needs.

Good writing is essential in any business. From your bio, to your marketing material, to your communication with clients, you need writing that suits your style, your organisation and your audience.

I’ve worked with everyone from mathematicians to Masters students, from anaesthetists to administrators. I’m happy to work with individuals, small or large groups.

Business Writing Workshops

I specialise in delivering workshops with impact, that offer attendees tangible takeaways they can implement immediately to help improve their written business communications.

Workshop topics include:

Introduction to Business Writing

Have you wondered if the rest of your team are on the same page as you when writing emails?

When you attend this workshop, you’ll learn how to set a business tone and style for your emails to clients.

In the old days, something called ‘the typing pool’ fixed your errors and made sure you represented your company well. Today, most of us write our own emails, which can mean your company doesn’t have a unified ‘voice’ at best and at worst, that you’re unintentionally confusing or offending the recipient.

This workshop will start a business-wide conversation about how you communicate to clients.

Developing Your Business Tone and Style

This follow-up workshop to the ‘Introduction to Business Writing’ focuses on specific examples of situations and emails from your business. You’ll work with your team to generate some real-life email templates for future reference.

How to Write a Difficult Email

This individualised workshop will focus on the emails you have trouble writing. This can include dealing with difficult situations, troubling or unexpected news or responding to difficult emails you’ve received.

Intra-Office Communication

Do you find that tensions in your business sometimes arise from misunderstandings and miscommunication?

In this workshop, you’ll be guided to develop an office protocol for all intra-office communication, from formal to informal and verbal to written. Ensure the communication among your team members reflects your business values.

How to Use Specialist Language with Non-Specialist Clients

Do clients sometimes ignore your emails? Do you find they don’t understand the points you’re making? This might be because you’re using the expert language of your business without realising it, which means you’re essentially speaking ‘another language’.

In this workshop, you’ll invest valuable time focusing on your clients’ perception and understanding of what you do. In particular, you’ll look at how you use the technical vocabulary of your profession when communicating. You’ll learn how to write with clarity and transparency while eliminating jargon, so that your clients ‘get’ what you’re attempting to communicate.



The best way to find out what I can offer you is to ask. I’d love to hear from you.