Writing Courses: Punctuation Power

Writing Courses: Punctuation Power

Writing Courses: Punctuation Power

We’ve all seen those memes that show why punctuation matters, like the classic ‘Let’s eat Grandma.’/‘Let’s eat, Grandma.’


We can tell when something’s easy to follow. However, when the meaning is unclear, it can be hard to work out why. Often, the answer lies in the punctuation. Punctuation’s superpower is to make meaning clear.

Maybe colleagues are sometimes confused by your memos.  Maybe you get queries about topics you think you’ve covered in the FAQ’s.

And maybe you, like a lot of people, think that commas are probably important but you’re not sure how to use them.

Here’s the thing. There are some simple ways to make your punctuation better. Much better.

I’ve developed a course of three hour long sessions that focuses on punctuation power: where to use it, how to use it. I concentrate on the biggies – the punctuation rules that are most likely make improve your writing. Each session builds on the last, and timings can be negotiated so you can fit them into your schedule.


Give it a go. Find out more about this course, and the others I offer, here.

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