Why is writing important, anyway?

Why is writing important, anyway?

I’m extremely shortsighted. In fact, if I put my glasses somewhere slightly different at night, I can’t find them in the morning.

In medieval times, I would have just got by seeing the world as a vague blur – distinguishing people by their shape and sound. Living in the 21st Century, I know I would hate to have to live without my glasses.

Like the medieval me, lots of people live perfectly happily without writing much, or ever. They don’t miss what they’ve never had. They can get by – write that email or Instagram caption, complete that form, take notes at a meeting – but it holds no joy.

Write Now, the student writing conference in July this year, isn’t for them.

It’s for students who revel in writing and believe it’s important to write well. It’s for teenagers who want a chance to learn from a diverse group of keynote speakers, and in specialised workshops. It’s for people who are both passionate about writing and wish to upskill. It’s for those who love the craft of it, the discoveries writing leads to. The discoveries you make about yourself as you write, and the moments of discovery you are able to create for your readers.

Our presenters work outside the world of secondary school writing; our keynotes and workshops offer insights into writing in the real world. Our keynotes are spoken word poet and orator Daisy Lavea-Timo, film director, script-writer and lecturer Paul Wolffram, and political advisor and speech writer, Esther Robinson. This variety of speakers will inspire students to consider the different ways they could use their love of writing professionally.

The conference is being held on the beautiful campus of Karamu High School, in Hawke’s Bay. Students will gather and register on Friday evening, and the conference will begin with a welcome on Saturday morning. On both Saturday and Sunday, delegates will engage with a range of keynotes, workshops and opportunities for writing and feedback. As well, they’ll also engage with students from all over the country as part of a writing community. We’re hoping delegates leave inspired to write in whatever text type appeals to them, and more aware of how useful, practical and important a skill writing is.

Attending Write Now is about behaving like a dog in a pile of autumn leaves – rolling around, scattering words, nipping at them and making new shapes. Imagining new ways of thinking, being open to new possibilities.

This conference is about sharing the wonderful world of words.

Read more and register here.

EVENT UPDATE: Balancing school life for students has become a bit of a mountain during these difficult times, so we have made the decision to postpone our inaugural Write Now Student Conference until 2023.

Please read the blogs and do register your interest for next year’s event now so we can keep you in the loop



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