What should I write about?

What should I write about?


Whether you’re teaching others creative writing, or writing yourself, where to start can be the biggest problem. It’s horrible staring at a blank page, unable to write that first word.

Some of the best writing prompts work by triggering curiosity. What’s happening here? Why? Who’s involved? These mystery, or puzzle, starters work even better when linked to an image. The writer can begin by answering the questions the prompt offers, and from there, build a narrative.

On Instagram, I post writing prompts (one most days during lockdown). Here are three of the mystery ones. For more, go to my Instagram @thewritecoach and search using: #mysterywritingprompts.

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Self Isolation Boredom Buster #17


A person has been found, unconscious, on the footpath of a quiet suburban street. When they wake in hospital, they have completely lost their memory. The only clues to who they are and what they were doing are these things, found about their person.

Tell their story, based on these items.


Self Isolation Boredom Buster #26

What machine or device is this part of? You decide (making stuff up is expected!).


Write a story where the machine is a crucial part. It might be an important part of an adventure, a prize people are competing for, or even a character.


Self Isolation Boredom Buster #27

You’re standing in front of the pantry, with the door open. As usual, there’s ingredients but nothing to actually eat that doesn’t involve effort.

Then, you notice there’s something behind the self raising flour, baking powder etc. A whole lot of somethings. Cans, in fact. Cans of stuff you’ve never seen in the pantry before.


Write a story that answers the following questions:

  1. What’s in the cans?
  2. Who put them there?
  3. Why?
  4. What happens now you’ve found them?


Note: you don’t have to answer the questions in that order.

Note 2: The contents of the cans can be anything. I mean ANYTHING that would fit in a can.



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