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The Connected Project

We know that connectedness is vital to us as human beings, We also know that stories are powerful ways of feeling connected – both in the telling, and the listening. The Connected project began with a series of conversations between three of us: Daniel Betty,...


What should I write about?

Mysteries Whether you’re teaching others creative writing, or writing yourself, where to start can be the biggest problem. It’s horrible staring at a blank page, unable to write that first word. Some of the best writing prompts work by triggering curiosity. What’s happening here? Why? Who’s involved?...


Writing Courses: Punctuation Power

Writing Courses: Punctuation Power We’ve all seen those memes that show why punctuation matters, like the classic ‘Let’s eat Grandma.’/‘Let’s eat, Grandma.’   We can tell when something’s easy to follow. However, when the meaning is unclear, it can be hard to work out why. Often, the answer...