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How to Survive High School English

Your grades have arrived, and the English ones didn’t go well. Maybe it doesn’t mean much – you’ve already got into the course you want, but it’s still disappointing. Or maybe there are consequences – you haven’t made it into the next stage of your chosen...

The Connected Project

We know that connectedness is vital to us as human beings, We also know that stories are powerful ways of feeling connected – both in the telling, and the listening. The Connected project began with a series of conversations between three of us: Daniel Betty,...


What should I write about?

Mysteries Whether you’re teaching others creative writing, or writing yourself, where to start can be the biggest problem. It’s horrible staring at a blank page, unable to write that first word. Some of the best writing prompts work by triggering curiosity. What’s happening here? Why? Who’s involved?...


Writing Courses: Punctuation Power

Writing Courses: Punctuation Power We’ve all seen those memes that show why punctuation matters, like the classic ‘Let’s eat Grandma.’/‘Let’s eat, Grandma.’   We can tell when something’s easy to follow. However, when the meaning is unclear, it can be hard to work out why. Often, the answer...