Writing services

I provide professional writing services for individuals, businesses and community groups. I focus on providing quality, personalised support for all clients, taking into consideration their goals, purpose, audience and/or brand.

Academic writing

I can help you or your students write authoritatively, using language to fluently express critical thought, and evaluative research skills.

I offer writing analysis, on-going individual mentorships and group sessions for academic writers. For teachers and schools, I offer workshops to staff and students on all aspects of academic writing, with a focus on writing fluently, clearly and concisely. Workshop topics include (but are not limited to): framing and argument, writing reports, writing concisely and integrating evidence.


Business writing

I can help you, your team or your organisation write with clarity and power, in a way that best serves your needs.

Good writing is essential in any business. From your bio, to your marketing material, to your communication with clients, you need writing that suits your style, your organisation and your audience.


Writing skills courses

I provide writing skills courses to help you achieve your writing goals.

Choose from one of my set courses, or I can tailor my approach to suit your needs. I’ll work with you for an agreed fixed time so that you can reach your goals.

I will coach and mentor you, as you develop your own style and work on your passion projects. This project might be a website, blog, poetry, memoir, or other writing. I’ll provide support and feedback as you write, that is specific to your individual needs. I aim to help you achieve your writing goals.


Writing workshops

Working with other people is exciting and invigorating.

You can bounce ideas off each other, build writing skills together and (only if you want to!) share your work with pride. I’ve worked with groups of friends, community groups, and groups drawn together by an interest in writing. I’m happy to work with groups of up to 15 people. For groups of more than 6, there may be a venue charge as well.

In these workshops the focus is on fun. You’ll do some writing together, and some individually.

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Speech writing help

Sometimes, when you’re asked to speak at a function, it’s hard to know even where to start.

I can provide support and feedback in every aspect of the writing, from planning to the finished speech. I’ll tailor my approach to what you need, and work with you until you’ve got a speech you’re proud of.

This is a one on one service, so get in touch to see how I can help you.

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