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2 months ago

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I had another great memoir group yesterday, who produced some fantastic pieces. It’s a privilege to hear people’s stories, and to help them craft their writing. Get in touch if you are interested in booking your own memoir workshop! ...

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Not coaching today, but instead doing a whole lot of writing myself. I set myself up with all the resources I need to reference before I get started, a big pad to scribble on and (of course) a cup of coffee. What are your getting-started staples? ...

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And we’re off! A session about how to begin - overcoming the barrier of the blank page. #napierboyshighschool #thewritecoach ...

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Exciting! I love the feeling of anticipation before a writing session begins!

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Good looking line up of @newzealandbookawards finalists for 2021. What have you read? What should be next on my list? ...

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Boredom Buster 66
Write a story where a liquid changes everything.

Happy Writing!

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Boredom Buster 65
Today’s word is ‘fabric.’
1. Write about your favourite piece of clothing.
2. Write a poem about a specific kind of fabric. (I’d choose flannelette!) Linen? Leatherette? Lace? Your choice.
3. Write a story that uses the word fabric - meaning a kind of cloth - and the phrase ‘fabric of our society’ twice each.
Happy Writing!

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Boredom Buster 64
1. Write a story about someone who hates chocolate.
2. Write an advertisement for a new variety of chocolate.
3. Write a story about two people who are either united, or divided, by their love for chocolate.

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Happy Writing!
Boredom Buster 63
From where you are sitting, note down five objects.
1. Write a story that includes at least three of these objects. The story could be true or made up.
2. Write a story about a journey, where different people own each of the objects.
3. Write a story about a journey that is also a hunt. Each object is a clue, that leads to the next. What are your characters hunting for? Make it interesting!
Happy Writing!

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Boredom Buster 62
Find a letterbox and choose one of the following options.
1. Write a story about the people in the house that belongs to the letterbox. This story could be true (if you know the people – maybe it’s you!) or made up.
2. Write a story about whoever lives IN the letterbox.
3. Write a story where the letterbox is the problem.
4. Write a story where the letterbox is the solution.

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Are you at the “I’m booooored,” stage of the school holidays? TV been working overtime as a babysitter? I’ve got a few more of my writing boredom busters to share over the next few days! This time, I’ve scaled the activities so that the whole family can join, with the first task suiting primary school aged kids, and the second and third each a little more complex. Enjoy!

Boredom Buster 61
This game can be played on your own, or in groups with each person taking a turn at the next letter.
1. Find things that begin with each letter of the alphabet. (I can see an apple, a boat, a camera)
2. Make a story using some of those things (at least five).
3. Make the story up, sentence by sentence, including the objects you find. (Naomi noticed the apple as soon as she boarded. The boat bobbed up and down gently, and the apple rolled around the deck. Naomi’s camera hung, hot and heavy, around her neck, ready to take the crime photos. (See? I accidentally ended up writing the start of a crime story!)

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I love the festive season, for all the fun and celebration, but also for the opportunity to reflect on the year that’s been, and set some goals for the following year.
One goal I have for 2021 is to run some free online writing classes.
What are some writing goals you have for 2021? Maybe you have a professional writing goal, like updating some key documents, or a personal writing goal, like writing letters to loved ones.
Sharing your writing goals will help me tailor my workshops, to make sure they are helpful to my awesome followers.

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I had an awesome session at Karamu high School yesterday, with these great year 10 students, and their fabulous teacher Rachelle Poirier. The students had responded to interviews from the Connect project with vlogs. I responded to them with chocolate! I’ve had a wonderful time interviewing some elderly residents of Hastings about their experiences, and hearing the students engage and respond with such interest makes it especially rewarding. ...

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas on my Instagram page! My mini book trees are out. ...

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Some festive downtime this morning. A good book, a long black in my favourite cup by @annettebull_pottery and @lovefromyourdads Christmas playlist.
I’ll definitely stick to the gym if it means more book recommendations from my personal trainer, the fabulous Ashleigh at @roystonhealthfitness

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With Elizabeth Palmer from Hastings Library, I just spoke at the first of three ‘Heretaunga Stories’ events. It was a great experience - both to speak, and to listen to others. If you’re in Hawke’s Bay, try to get to the other evenings, (Dec 1st and Dec 8th) with different speakers/artists each time.
Link in my bio

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I hope Beyoncé would be flattered by these themed cocktails! #hensparty #cocktails @mister_murdoch @inspiredeventco ...

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I recently became a Nana for the first time, and I’m having so much fun building my Grandson’s library. What are you absolute favourite picture books, that should be on my list? ...

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