Academic writing

Does your writing do its job?

I can help you or your students write authoritatively, using language to fluently express critical thought, and evaluative and research skills.

Academic Writing from senior secondary to doctoral level

Learn the language, syntax and structure of essays, case studies, analysis, research, and theses. Fluently and concisely express your critical thinking, evaluative and research skills. Solve issues with syntax, tone and structure. Adapt your writing for tertiary study, changes in your discipline or field, or the new demands of post-graduate work. Stop getting feedback like ‘Does not address the question’ ‘Deeper analysis needed here.’

Teachers and Schools

Get an expert in to help your students frame arguments, write concisely and fluently, and write to your specific subject needs. Prepare your students for the demands of senior NCEA and tertiary writing. Improve your students’ grades by helping them access the language, structures and style of academic writing.

Academic Writers and Teachers of Academic Writing

I’ve worked with tertiary and post-graduate students, secondary students, teachers, the Ministry of Education and NZQA.

Other Writing Services
I’ll help you:

Academic Writers
  • Write fluently to the demands of your discipline.
  • Analyse what those demands are, in terms of grammar, syntax, structure and tone.
  • Write in a way that highlights your academic skills.
  • Analyse the writing demands of your subject
  • Enable students to write effectively in your subject.
  • Enable students to transfer writing skills across subjects.


The best way to find out what I can offer you is to ask. I’d love to hear from you.



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