May 2020

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person writing memoir

Memoir: Writing About People

I remember my grade school librarian Miss Peabody…She was very tall and very thin and there was always a ribbon or scarf tied around her head from which bubbled lots of silver-gray curls. (Joe Brainard, I Remember)   A memoir is a personal history: the past from your...


What should I write about?

Mysteries Whether you’re teaching others creative writing, or writing yourself, where to start can be the biggest problem. It’s horrible staring at a blank page, unable to write that first word. Some of the best writing prompts work by triggering curiosity. What’s happening here? Why? Who’s involved?...


Business Writing: Be Clear

  Business Writing: Be Clear Clarity in your business documents is essential. If your message isn’t clear, how are clients going to know what you can do for them? How are colleagues going to know what you need them to do? Recently, I encountered this sentence in a...


Writing Courses: Punctuation Power

Writing Courses: Punctuation Power We’ve all seen those memes that show why punctuation matters, like the classic ‘Let’s eat Grandma.’/‘Let’s eat, Grandma.’   We can tell when something’s easy to follow. However, when the meaning is unclear, it can be hard to work out why. Often, the answer...